The End of Plenty

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With skyrocketing population and tightening grain supplies spurring riots, revolutions, and immigration around the globe, experts now say we must grow as much food in the next four decades as we have since the beginning of civilization to avoid a Malthusian catastrophe. Yet climate change could render half our farmland useless by century’s end. Bourne takes readers from his own family farm to international agricultural hotspots to introduce a new generation of farmers and scientists engaged in the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. The stakes could not be higher.

“Urgent and at times terrifying…Joel Bourne’s richly researched and passionately argued report is a wake-up call, and also a call to action.”

Hampton Sides, author of In the Kingdom of Ice

“Joel Bourne shows how food supplies will present a strategic challenge for America’s national security in the coming years. The time for action is now–and the consequences for failing to heed Bourne’s advice may be devastating.”

Gen. Hugh Shelton, 14th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (retired), author of Without Hesitation